Add Magic, Warmth and Colour to your Home

with imaginative Original Abstract Artists Paintings Direct from the Artist's Studio.

Original Abstract artists paintings add a magical quality of refinement, style and elegance to any living room or home. The unique nature of abstractions creates an emotional experience anyone can appreciate and enjoy for years.

The original, exciting and colourful abstract paintings created by the self taught British artist Mark Johansen (MJo Art) in his (Essex artists studio) add a stunning aspect to any space or home.


Browse the (Artist Gallery) to discover the diverse and unique abstract artworks through to imaginative figurative abstracts and stunning original abstract landscapes modern paintings created in stunning oil paint on canvas that truly brings colour alive from emotive restful paintings thought to high energy abstracts that inspire and enliven any house or office. 

No mater what your looking for original abstract artists painting create a magical, warm and cosy atmosphere in your home or living space.


Brilliant Art for Brilliant Individuals

Discover who buys abstract art and why

Today anyone can appreciate the finest things in life and new original artwork is just that. Gone are the days when just the wealthy and well educated could afford or appreciate modern abstract art.

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the artist mark johansen

What makes a self taught British artist create the exciting and colourful oil paintings that thrill and delight art lovers and individuals alike. As an abstract artist MoJ-art is creating colourful world with abstract paintings that stand out from the crowd. Inspired by people and the natural world Mark Johansen distinctive abstract art style has a vibrant inner energy.

 Click to find out about the Essex Artist MJO-ART 

Click to find out about the Essex Artist MJO-ART 


Learn about the artist who has spent a life time developing his unique eye catching distinctive abstract art style. 

 Click to Discover the Contemporary Artists Story

Click to Discover the Contemporary Artists Story

Contemporary Artists Story

Read the the abstract artists original story that helped him overcome all the hurdles and become the artist he is today.

 Visit the Essex Artists Studios at Hylands House Chelmsford

Visit the Essex Artists Studios at Hylands House Chelmsford

Visit Hylands Artists Studio in Essex

Find out about or visit the artist studio in Chelmsford where he welcome visitors to discover more about his fantastic artwork.


What The artist is inspired by 

The artist Mark Johansen is abstract artist MoJ-art who creates colourful oil paintings that are Inspired by people, places and the natural world in a distinctive abstract art style that has a vibrant peaceful energy. Fascinated by contradictions and opposites the artist uses brilliant colour to promote restful space. Hard lines that flow and bend and texture that make every brilliant painting a discovery of true emotion.


The Artists Latest abstract paintings

Find the artists latest abstract paintings fresh from the artists easel and discover just what new abstract paintings can add to your home, office or living space. 

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