Reflections Simple Beautiful abstract painting of a Tree line

Simple Beautiful abstract painting of a Tree line. 

Reflections a colourful abstract oil painting of a distant tree line

Reflections is a simple beautiful abstract painting of a distant tree line painted after seeing the setting sun reflecting all the stunning autumn colours of a the trees one evening as the artist was leaving his studio.  

This truly eye catching painting folds around the edge of this deep canvas and is ready to hang without a frame and offers a truly stunning artwork that would compliment any home or space.

Painted in vivid oil colour on deep canvas measuring 100 x 100 cm, Unframed.

£ 650.00     NOW SOLD


This simple beautiful abstract artwork is one of a number of visual appealing abstract paintings that were originally inspired one autumn evening as the artist was leaving his artist studio at Hylands House in Chelmsford. The vivid autumn colours where reflected back by the setting sun contrasting so strongly to the approaching storm that the artist was forced to stop just to appreciate the sheer magic and beauty of that moment.   

The brilliant colourful tree line seems to hover, suspended in space drawing our eye and reflecting the bright autumn colours in the colourful whites pinks and blues of the sky and foreground. 

These colourful abstracts explore the natural simple beauty of the landscape in modern and dramatic original oil paintings reflecting those single brief moments that have and make a lasting impression on our consciousness. This piece offers a relaxing colourful intensity that does distract form the natural beautiful world that surrounds us. Click to find the full Story of this paintings creation along with more photos.