Simple abstract paintings in stunning oil colour.


These breathtaking colourful abstracts artworks are often painted with numerous layers of vibrant colour so smoothly you would think they are airbrushed and yet each is an exploration of colour and space.

Intense colour and often a single line delivers a stunning visual statement evocative of the landscape and along with the delicate blending and subtle shifts of tone create a sense of space and distance within what is often a simple powerful image. 

These eye catching paintings are for any artist a challenge to perfect and the huge amount of time, effort, care and skill required to produce each carefully considered beautiful simple painting is not lost on even the casual observer.

For the artist MJo art the simplest things are beautiful so why complicate beauty and these stunning abstract paintings encapsulate pure elegance in stunning vivid colour and clean lines

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  Blue Mist  a Simple Abstract painting in oils on canvas 80 x 80 cm

Blue Mist a Simple Abstract painting in oils on canvas 80 x 80 cm

A gentle and relaxing atmosphere is forged through the clean simple pure beauty of colour and lines is enhanced through the contradictions of the natural landscape creating eye catching vivid original artworks that bring the world or your room alive with imagination.