short abstract artists videos 

Find all the artists Youtube Chanel to find videos about every aspect of abstract art and being an artist. That is why these short abstract artists videos have been produced. Each video helps you understand what abstract art is all about and process that the artist goes through in the creation of abstract paintings.

a small SELECTION of the artists videos 

Understanding Abstract Art

Understanding Abstract Art. Why paint abstract? The abstract artist MoJ-art reveals how understanding abstracts is simple and easy and the Value of Abstract Art has for all of us as people. The artist Mark Johansen explains simply what abstract art is all about and makes it easy for everyone who is trying to get their head around understanding abstract art.

understanding dyslexia 

This artists video will help you to understand dyslexia and the creative process from a Dyslexic Artist point of view. For most dyslexia is just word blindness but to the dyslexic its more than just a difficulty seeing words on a page.

how abstract art affects us

How stunning beautiful abstract art affects us is revealed in this short artist video by the artist Mark Johansen. The artist explains how visual stunning abstract paintings create a lasting affect on us as individuals in a simple and easy to understand way that anybody can grasp.


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the artists paintings

Looking for awesome original abstract oil paintings the abstract artist Mark Johansen creates stunning oil paintings, imaginative colourful figures and intriguing bright abstracts that any one can fall involve with.

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About the artist

The artist Mark Johansen is abstract artist Based at Hylands House Stables in Chelmsford creating colourful oil paintings that are Inspired by people, places and the natural world. 

Fascinated by contradictions the artist has developed a distinctive abstract art style that uses brilliant colour, strong lines and subtle texture to make every brilliant painting a discovery of our inner emotions.