Original Abstract Figurative Paintings. Bring your world Alive with Colour.

Discover the artists unique style of POWERFUL COLOURFUL FUGUES, NUDES & PEOPLE.

Stunning abstract figures and figurative artworks filled with imagination colour and energy direct from the artists abstract art studio.

Unique Figurative Art Paintings of fugues, nudes and people add colour and interest to any home or office offering something for everyone, from stylised figure to colourful figures that brighten and warm any space.

The bright and strong colours and powerful lines of these figurative pantings create strong visual appeal that generates a warm and affable aura in any living space. The almost abstract and robust stylised figures that Project Personality are a feature of the artist figurative painting style which emphasises the strength and character of the people and places that make the world such a colourful and vibrant place. 

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  Five Figures  abstract painting in oils on canvas 80 x 80 cm

Five Figures abstract painting in oils on canvas 80 x 80 cm

The colourful figures, nudes and people are often faceless and anonymous creating a sense of intrigue that has little to do with the human form and more to do with character and protecting women as independent, individual and rounded.