Blue Green  light blue and green abstract oil painting 80 x 80

Blue Green light blue and green abstract oil painting 80 x 80

A light Blue Green abstract oil painting of SIMPLICITY and ELEGANCE.  

turquoise abstract oil painting is a delight to see the simple shapes bring it alive evoking an sence of landscape or SEASCAPE.

Blue Green this blue and green abstract oil painting offers the subtle shifts of tones displayed in the large flat areas of light blues that hint towards green or turquoise creating a comfortable and visually stunning abstract painting that truly catches the interest of those who come into contact with it.

A vivid turquoise abstract oil on canvas 80 x 80 cm, Unframed.

£ 950.00

For many this painting conjures up the image of a landscape or seascape. lighter blues and turquoise colours add to the abstract paintings elegance and while the simple shapes, contrasts and bold colours enhance the blues and greens in this simple and bold abstraction and add to the visual appeal this painting offers. 

Crafted with many layers of sim-opaque oil colour, each carefully mixed, blended and applied with a brush create the incredibly flat and very smooth application of the paint also adds directly to the atmosphere that this colourfield paintings offers the viewer. Using these successive and carefully applied layers of thin light blue colour intensify the hue developing a grater depth and amplifying the colours impact dramatically.

Despite the intense richness of the blues and greens this abstract painting offers an extremely relaxing and tranquil natural image that any one can love. Click to find the full Story of this paintings creation along with more photos.