Back from a America and this painting is now sold.

  Morning Haze  sold oil painting detail

Morning Haze sold oil painting detail

This painting is now sold. even before I got back from America. While I was away I received several e-mails and messages about paintings. With some abstract paintings you just know they will sell. 

It’s not always something you can quite put your finger on but you just have a feeling, so it comes as no surprise when someone turns up and says that's the painting I want.  

This abstract painting Morning Haze was a painting like the previous piece called Landscape le blank that inspired this painting I knew would sell quickly, it was just a question of finding the right home.

But what surprised me the most.

Even while I was traveling in the USA I was receiving emails, texts and messages from Facebook, my website and visitors to the studio. 

I had broken my phone and was unable to do any promotional posts for weeks and yet here I was selling original paintings and believe me that surprised me the most. I wasn't expecting it but one week I had 4 enquires about a number of paintings I wasn't even in the studio or the UK.

I have long believed you have to spend more time promoting your work than making art if you want to sell but in spite of that my first week back from the USA and I was delivering paintings to new homes.

I am, I have to say, delighted to think that it has found a good home and its new owners will get many years of joy and happiness from what I know is a delightful abstract painting.