The Abstract Is all Around Us

Quite often I'm asked where do you get your inspirations from? 

As an artist the answers is simple. Artists get inspiration form everywhere. 

Perhaps its not quite as obvious as that But perhaps most people don't think they see the world in quite the same way as an artist, yet this is simply not true. 

Everyone can see and visualise the world through the eyes of an artist its just a question of training or choosing to look at things differently.

The artist does not look at a landscape and see just fields, trees and hills, he sees lines, shapes, colours, harmony balance and a whole lot more. 

True Inspiration for an artist is just a question of looking and seeing but asking questions about what you think is really there and this is especially true of the abstract.

We often think that abstract complicated but thats only if you add the word Art. Abstract is nothing more than simplifying or seeing the world out of context.

As soon as you start looking at the world differently, changing the angle, shifting your viewpoint then your world becomes abstract. it becomes shapes, lines, textures and colours.

The video below Finding the Abstract in Everyday is a random selection of photos taken by the artist in Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum and Mt Vesuvius from last year holiday and illustrates the everyday abstract image.

The everyday abstract image might be a door or a floor, the reflection on the wall, perhaps the faded paint and cracks of a fresco. it might be looking down from a castle or out to sea, it might be on its side or not but every photo is a real place or object

This is when the Artists comes into the picture, turning the abstract into art and he does this by adding the magic ingredient…. Emotions.

Mark Johansen