Everyone is an artist… 

Everyone is an artist. There are those that paint, sculpt and create and there are those that don’t but everyone is an artist.

Just being able to or having skill is not what makes an artist. If you are able to appreciate art you are an artist. it doesn't matter if that is music, dance, colour, shapes or anything else.If you can appreciate art you are an artist, 

The thing is, to appreciate art you don't have to be able to understand it you just need to be moved by it. Art is after all an emotional thing, If you understand its complexities,value its difficulties in creation or performance, feel its emotion, get its message or simply enjoy it then you must be creative. 

Some artists or creatives use movement, sound, light or words. They sew, knit, arrange, make, or paint using colours or shapes to invent, create or evoke an emotion or sense of expression.This in essence is what art is. An expression of ourselves as individuals. Whilst there are others who are the spectators,the viewers. the onlookers or the audience.   

Its not the creating that makes an artist its just an artists or do’er has found a method, a way, a voice for there emotional outpouring while the spectators perhaps have just not found the right medium, or confidence to allow there individual voice to sing, soar or reveal itself yet.

Mark Johansen