Affordable Abstract Art Brings Your World Alive With Colour 



This Affordable Artists Abstract Art Gallery will bring your world alive with colour and original abstract artwork direct from the artists abstract art studio to fill your home, life and Imagination.

This artists abstract art gallery is bursting with stunning original abstract artworks direct from the artists abstract art studio that bring colour, life and imagination alive.

Whatever your looking for from high energy abstracts, robust stylised colourful figures and even the eye catching simple beautiful abstracts that MJo-art has become known for you will find something to love in these gallery pages.

Abstract art slide show that will blow you away.... Art and Painting is my passion and these original abstracts oil paintings and abstract artworks truly catch the eye and enliven the heart.

Click on any image in the artists abstract art gallery below to discover some the brilliant of original abstract artwork created by the British Artist MJo-art.


Simple Beautiful Abstract Art

 Stunning  Red and Grey abstract painting  of colour and line

Stunning Red and Grey abstract painting of colour and line

clean simple beauty of pure colour

Discover the artists simple beautiful abstract paintings in stunning oil colour that define the artist unique style, elegance and quality in these original abstract artworks

bright high energy abstracts

  the shape of things that are , oil painting 80 x 65 cm

the shape of things that are, oil painting 80 x 65 cm

Let the story of art awake within us

Dramatic, colourful paintings full of texture and energy enlivened with vivid colour and powerful lines that encapsulat the natural energy and vitality of emotions.

amazing colourful figures & Nudes

  Five figures  abstract figurative painting in oils 80 x 80 cm

Five figures abstract figurative painting in oils 80 x 80 cm

powerful seen as independent figures

Bright, strong figures of powerful lines of these colourful figurative pantings create strong visual appeal that generates a warm and affable aura in any living space.


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Do you have a question or need a quick answer. No problem you can email the artist directly with any questions you have by clicking button below or visit the artists contact page to discover all the ways you can contact the artist.



About the artist Mark Johansen

Who is the abstract artist  

Want to find out more about the abstract artist Mark Johansen and what inspires and drives his passion to create brilliant original art. 


Finding and buying AFFORDABLE art 

Learn who and why people buy affordable abstract art for the home or office direct from the artists studio and how simple, safe and easy it is.  


about the artist studio in Essex

Discover more about or visit the artist studio in Chelmsford where he welcome visitors to learn more about fantastic artwork.