Mark Johansen the Essex artist MJo-Art and the distinctive abstract art style that he has developed over many years in paintings that truly catches the eye.

The self taught British Abstract artists paintings are Inspiring and emotive abstract explorations driven by the desire to examine figurative or landscape forms that create an emotional connection even with the casual observer.

The British abstract artist has spent a lifetime learning and developing a unique visual language of poetry and harmony that brings the raw potency and hidden emotional effect of colour alive, through shapes, line, form and texture in every painting revealing the sublime natural beauty that is all around us.

The Essex artists passion and energy is reflected In his distinctive abstract art style captured in vivid oil paints that delight and inspire, bringing each abstract painting alive with a unique visual impact that captures your gaze and fires your imagination. click to learn more about the abstract artists vision and what motivates him.

 the abstract artist Mark Johansen in his Essex artists studio

the abstract artist Mark Johansen in his Essex artists studio


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As a life long dyslexic Mark struggled to excel academically and failed to get into art school but this has never held him back. Becoming a professional artist later in life he first worked as a Butcher, a qualified Chief and a homemaker before a dramatic change in his personal circumstances allowed him to pursue his lifelong dream.

Born in 1960 in London abstract artist Mark Johansen is the elder of identical twins and this along with with his vast amount of life experiences has added greatly to his artistic talent which can be seen in his brilliant abstract paintings. He now lives and works in Chelmsford Just 30 miles form the hart of this vibrant international city.

The artists is fascinated by contradictions and opposites using brilliant colour to promote restful space his colourful oil paintings are Inspired by places, people and the natural world in a distinctive abstract art style along with hard lines that flow and bend make every brilliant painting a discovery of calm emotions.