Contemporary abstract art

Bring your home or office alive with colour! Contemporary artists abstract oil paintings and modern artworks for sale at affordable prices direct from artists studio and create a stunning and unique atmosphere in your home, office or work space with quality original artworks for less than you might think.

  Reflections  a simple beautiful oil painting

Reflections a simple beautiful oil painting

Simple beautiful landscapes

Brilliant colourful abstract landscapes of atmosphere and imagination.

  Blue Green  abstract painting 

Blue Green abstract painting 

stunning abstract artworks

Stunning and beautiful abstract paintings in vibrant oil colours on canvas.

  Hot Embrace  figurative abstract painting 

Hot Embrace figurative abstract painting 

brilliant FIGURATIVE art

Original inspired colourful figures and nudes painted in vibrant oils on canvas.

  Green Haven  minimalist abstract painting

Green Haven minimalist abstract painting

Unique abstract art 

Unique abstract art created by the artist's special process will surprise and delight you.




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Find the artists latest abstract paintings fresh from the artists easel and discover just what new abstract paintings can add to your home, office or living space. 

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why Buy art for your home direct from the artist's studio online 

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Finding the perfect painting for your home or space should be simple, easy and as special as you are, without having to compromise or make endless trips to local galleries.

Every home, office or space is as different and unique as the paintings you love to buy.  Finding that quintessential original artwork for your wall that fits your world should not be difficult. Buying brilliant art direct from the artist will guarantee you receiving unique, quality original paintings delivered direct to your door.


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